Infigent Technologies 


Outsource Data Entry to India

Data entry and processing is largely an IT enabled Service dealing with collection, converting, digitization and processing raw data existing in an unrefined form to a rather valuable knowledge based resource. Data processing services is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian ITeS industry. Many projects are being outsourced due to heavy budgetary cuts since its statistically proven that outsourcing reduces more than 50% of costs compared to services rendered in the United States, Europe and Australia; moreover distinct time zones facilitate smoother workflow.

 Why Choose Infigent Technologies ?

We work to provide very accurate and high quality service to the clients. Our services are of top class with reference to quality, customer satisfaction and reliable pricing. The main highlights of our services are:     

  •  High Quality
  •  Affordable Costs
  •  On time delivery
  •  Highly skilled staff
  •  Excellent communication